Medical inkjet film
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Medical printing film inkjet

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Medical printing film inkjet is made of blue transparent PET base film/white PET base film, and coated by 

resin miropore coating and anti-static coating. It is compatible with inkjet printer such as NS-SE-1300,     

Canon G1820, Epson L1300 etc.                                                                                                                    

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1675799506138876.jpgMedical printing film inkjet blue is widely used as a printing medium for medical radiology image hard copy, 

such as CR, DR, CT, MRI image hard copy.



FEATURESLow-cost: only 50% of traditional medical film in cost. High quality: the resolution is more than 9600x2400dpi. Convenient in use: Handling in light PRODUCT STRUCTURE DIAGRAM STORAGE CONDITION



Packing Information

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